GreenHub — we tackle global challenges through cooperation of business, research and education.

How can I make an internationalisation plan for my company? How can I interview forest bioeconomy actors for my research? Which topic should I do my thesis on?

GreenHub offers an answer to these questions and many more!

GreenHub is an open collaboration platform that brings together green bioeconomy companies, researchers and professionals so that all actor benefit from the cooperation. GreenHub aims at finding suitable activities and contacts to all actors including companies, researchers and students in order to promote cooperation. This can mean new business for companies, more significant research for researchers and better work opportunities for students. This cooperation will benefit the regional economies of Northern Karelia and Eastern Finland, as well as companies from local actors to international companies.

Eight different research, education, development and innovation actors are operating the GreenHub platform and offer their excellence to collaborate with other actors and professionals.

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