Service offerings

In this page we are bringing together service offerings from different actors and people. We hope that actors sharing same interests meet and collaborate through the offerings. You can go through the offerings and contact directly the actor or person you are interested in. You can also write your own service offering and send it to us from here!

BCon Ltd

BCon Ltd searches with you for the most profitable solutions to current bioeconomy or climate challenges, utilizing hands-on business experience.

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Business models and networks

As a research team in forest economics, we are constantly interested in cooperating with companies to solve the challenges of a sustainable economy. Our expertise is in forest bioeconomy related business environments and sustainable business models. Our recent works include value network analysis of forest rental service in the Finnish private forestry, the role of platform economies in the development of international business networks and a comparison of the forest bioeconomy business environments between Finland and Uruguay.

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European Forest Institute (EFI)

Forests, forestry and the forest-based sector are the cornerstone of the European bioeconomy, and a major contributor to climate change mitigation. The speed and scale of European forest bioeconomy development crucially depends on several questions, such as technological and market developments within and outside the forest-based sector, the dynamics of global biomass demand and supply, the European and international policy framework and the ability to use forests in a sustainable way. Forest bioeconomy is also affected by globalization, the digital economy and symbiosis with other sectors: construction, chemicals, textiles and energy, etc. 

EFI's Bioeconomy Programme addresses the need for foresight, interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral research at the interface of markets, products, policies and forest resources. Generating knowledge about the broad sustainability implications of developing a European forest bioeconomy, as well as the effects of different regulations and policy incentives is also key. 

We connect from the local level to the national, European and even global level.  

You are most welcome to contact us to explore possible cooperation! 

PenTen Ltd - Forerunner in carbon-free economy

PenTen Ltd is dedicated to helping its clients to find new ideas, solutions, funding and co-operation partners.

The key areas of expertise include forestry, bioeconomy, circular economy and sustainable development. The company has also extensive experience in regional development and creative economy.

PenTen Ltd conducts feasibility studies, expert surveys, newspaper and journal articles, presentations, speaker and moderator services - all these services in Finnish and English.

In addition, the work assignments may be connected to, for example, the preparation of a strategy or business plan, organisational development and organisational changes.

Contact information:

Dr. Pentti Hyttinen

PenTen Ltd

Phone: +358 40 546 5227